Circle of Clinical and Biological Investigations in Food Allergy


> in case of allergy to sesame
Actualisé en mars 2003
Service de Médecine D
Médecine interne - Immunologie Clinique et Allergologie
Hôpital Central
29, Av. de Lattre de Tassigny
54035 NANCY Cedex - France
Vol 2 - n° 5
mars 1997

In food, sesame is found in various forms :

  • whole or peeled seeds, oil
  • Halvah paste – a kind of almond like paste, sewing as a cooking salted or sweet base in use in cooking in Far East, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, India, Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Tahin
  • Oilcake : solid residues obtained while treating sesame seeds in order to get oil by extraction – used as animal feeding

To suppress any product including one of the following mentions :
sesame, sesame seeds, sesame oil
before buying or eating a product, carefully check up its composition

The list of the components may vary from one pack to the other according to the manufacturer’s pleasure


  • All kinds of breads, rusks, toasted bread, small toasted bread with cereals
  • Bread used to make hamburgers
  • Special breads, be also careful about the possible contamination by sesame seeds of other kinds of bread such as sticks of French breadAperitif biscuits : check up their composition
  • Biscuits, including those sold in health-food departments or stores : check up their composition
  • Cereals bars : check up their composition
  • Oriental kind pasty
    Nuts, husked and sold in packs
  • Some tomato sauces produced insdustrially

Not take one’s meals in :

  • Fast foods - Mac Donald’s, Quick, Burger King, ...
  • « Exotic » restaurants : Chinese, North African, Thailandese, Libanese, Japanese, Pakistanese, etc … : the risk of finding sesame oil (on shrimps, for instance) and of sesame contamined elements is very important.
  • Because of very frequent reactions with other kinds of seeds, an allergist’s advice is greatly wished for.
  • Sesame is one of the allergens the declaration of which is required on the labels in the next directive of the European Union on labelling (meeting in May 2003).

Be careful while manipulating animal feeding.

Some medicines and cosmetics products may contain sesame oil. It is therefore required that your physician or your pharmacist check up the composition before delivering any of them.

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