> in case of allergy to papain
Update January 2001
Service de médecine interne
Immunologie Clinique
et Allergologie
Hopital Central
29, Av. de Lattre de Tassigny
54035 NANCY Cedex
Vol 2 - n° 6
may 1997

• Avoid eating papaya, pineapple in certain cases and foods containing papain: yoghurts, drinks or mixtures of dried tropical fruits.

• Avoid drinking beer and coca cola.

• Avoid using papain salt (the industrial use of papain as a meat tenderizer is prohibited in France), but it is available on the market.

• Avoid prescription of medical products containing papain :
Lysopaine ENT, Hexalyse, digestive enzymes, Pancréal Kirchner, Papain Trouette-Perret, also Extranase, Tétranase (containing bromelaine), some detersive ointments containing papain.

• Do not perform chemionucleolysis with Chymodiactine.

• If the patient wears contact lenses, they should not be cleaned with a solution containing papain (Hydrocare).

• Papain and bromelaine may be inhaled during some industrial or laboratory procedures. Advice concerning risk of exposure is proposed.


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