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An allergy to latex does not necessarily contraindicate all food presenting a crossed reactivity with the allergens of latex.
The evictions have to be modulated according to the allergic check-up. Nevertheless, certain kinds of food are not advisable :
Avocado, kiwi, banana, chestnut, buckwheat, fig, capsicum.

Attentively check up the compositions of following kinds of food :
  • Fruits salads, milk products, ice-creams, pastry : they may contain exotic fruit or chestnuts
  • Meat stuffings : may contain chestnuts
  • Fruit juice enriched with vitamins or made of exotic fruit
  • Pancakes and blinis made out of buckwheat
  • Special breads and biscuits : they may contain buckwheat flour or chestnut flour
  • Guacamole : a mexican speciality made of mashed avocadoes and spices

In some cases, rare reactions occuring with other kinds of food are described : melon, ananas, papaya, grapes, manioc, pepper… On this case, the evictions have to be evaluated by your allergist.
To take care of latex that may contaminate food :
strings or mets wrapping up some kinds of meat (roasting meat, chickens …) and food handled by persons bearing latex gloves (catering, sale in slices …).

To be careful at feast meals with rooms decorated by many balloons.

By enfants, avoid making use of dummies, comporters and little spoons made of latex.


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