Circle of Clinical and Biological Investigations in Food Allergy


> in case of allergy to wheat flour

Exclude any products with one of the following ingredients :
any variety of wheat, barley, oats, rye, spelt wheat, starch, modified starch and unspecified starchy ingredients, wheat protein.


Some medicines and cosmetics products may contain wheat. It is therefore required that your physician or your pharmacist check up the composition before delivering any of them.

CEREALS AND STARCHES • Corn, rice, soybeans, buckwheat, manioc, quinoa and derivatives (starch, flour, starchy derivatives, cream desserts, semolina).
• Tapioca, "corn flour" (Maïzena),
• Fresh potatoes, precooked under vacuum, frozen French fries, potato chips.
• Potato starch.
DAIRY PRODUCTS • Full cream milk, 1/2 cream milk, skimmed milk, powdered milk, condensed milk.
• Yogurts, soft white cheese, plain, sweet or fruity "Petits Suisses".
• Hard cheeses : Gruyère, Comté, Cantal, Hollande, Bombel, St Paulin, Tome.
• Fermented cheeses : Camembert, Brie, Coulommiers.
• Some industrial milk-based preparations : custards, cream desserts, jellied milks (*).

• Some cheese spreads.
• Fresh meat, frozen meat, without seasoning, preserved in brine.
• Boiled ham, Parma ham, bacon, shoulder, streaky bacon, smoked, potted meat (rillettes), pickled, plain foie gras.
• Fresh fish, uncooked frozen, non-coated with breadcrumbs.
• Shell fish, seafood, squid/octopus.
• Any BREADCRUMB, FRITTER or CRUST-COATED preparations, industrially prepared meals, pâtés and galantines, dried sausage, garlic sausage, salami, saveloy, chorizo, black or white blood sausage. Purée, liver mousse. Foie gras. Industrial stuffing.

• Meat or fish quenelles.


Fresh or dried, uncooked frozen, preserved in brine.  
FRUITS • Fresh, cooked, stewed, frozen.
• Dried fruit, plain chestnuts.
Floured figs.
Sugar, pure fruit/pure sugar jams and jellies, fruit syrups, honey, liquid caramel, acid drops, plain cocoa. Nougat, sugared almonds, chocolate (*), powdered chocolates, icing sugar (*).
FATS Oils, butter, Végétaline, lard, fresh cream. Reduced fat butter, cream or margarine (*).
SPICES AND CONDIMENTS • Fresh and frozen spices (salt, whole pepper, garlic, onions, parsley).
• Vinegar, gherkins.
Ground pepper, ground spices, mustard
DRINKS • Uncarbonated / carbonated water, fruit juices, sodas, lemonade.
• Coffee, tea, chicory, herbal teas made with whole plants.
• Wine, cocktails, alcohol, digestives (including whisky, vodka, gin).
Beer, beer-shandy, powdered drinks and herbal teas.
OTHERS Bakers yeast Dried yeast (*)

(*) Products may contain wheat flour, carefully read the label of each packet bought.

Service de Médecine D
Médecine interne - Immunologie Clinique et Allergologie
Hopital Central
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Vol 3 - n° 14
september 1998

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