Circle of Clinical and Biological Investigations in Food Allergy


> egg free

Currant pastries
Brioche knots
Sugared stars
Kouign-amann de fanch

> egg-free, milk-free


> no eggs or wheat flour

Salmon loaf

> no eggs, wheat flour, milk or peanuts

Strawberry and coconut milk ice cream
Poultry nuggets
Pancake with sugar

> no eggs, wheat flour, peanuts or flavouring

Rice pudding with raspberries

> no wheat flour, peanuts, milk or flavouring

Saturday tea-time apples
Fairy fingers

> free of wheat flour

Evening dress

> free of wheat flour and flavouring

Ali Baba's turban

> no eggs, milk, butter or flavourings

Fruit pie

> no eggs, wheat flour or milk

Fruit jelly with apples
Fruit cake

> no eggs, wheat flour or flavouring

Chocolate mousse
Strawberry bavarois

> no eggs, wheat flour, milk, peanuts or flavouring

Jam tart
Carrot sweets