Circle of Clinical and Biological Investigations in Food Allergy



> Action to be taken by patients presenting with recurring allergic reactions in the hours following food intake


Service de Médecine Interne
Immunologie Clinique
et Allergologie
Hopital Central
29, Av. de Lattre de Tassigny
54035 NANCY Cedex

1. If the reaction results in hospitalization, serum Tryptase levels will need to be assayed and a 3-ml specimen of serum taken to be frozen for subsequent analyses decided by the immunoallergist (show this form to the hospital physician).
2. Make immediately a minutely detailed report of the menu (including the medicine(s) taken before, during or after the meal). Do not forget to report the drinks. Specify the address or the person to be contacted if the meal was taken in a restaurant or cafeteria.
3. Keep all labels.
4. Freeze whatever is left of the food and drink.

5. If possible and as soon as possible, buy an identical sample of the food ingested and store it in an appropriate manner.

6. Plan to consult an immunoallergist as soon as possible. Bear in mind that immunoallergists often make a second assessment about a month after the first consultation, so plan two consultations.

7. Any antihistamine treatment must be discontinued at least 8 days (average) before consulting an immunoallergist.

8. On the day of the consultation and assessment, ensure that you bring with you all the labels you have kept and a small sample of any food you may have frozen.