Circle of Clinical and Biological Investigations in Food Allergy



Question : From what age onward can cutaneous tests be actieved ? (I have been told that my four month old baby with eczema can’t have tests).
Answer : Cutaneous tests can be achieved as soon as the first weeks of life. The allergist has the means to know when it is possible by a test with codeine.

Q : Can vaccination originate allergic diseases by my child ? (my baby has got eczema just after being given BCG).
A : NO. A vaccination may possibly increase atopic dermatitis just as an infection would do, but vaccinations are essential and primordial by children in order to protect them against severe infections diseases.

Q : Is air pollution responsible for the increase of allergic diseases ?
A : The role of air pollution in the increase of allergic diseases has not been proved yet. But it is quite sure that pollution increases allergic outward signs, especially respiratory symptoms.
On the contrary, household pollution (inside home) and especially addiction to smoking favour allergic diseases.

Q : Can stress be at the root of my child’s asthma ?
R : Stress may increase asthma, but it is not the cause of it.

Q : What is a groundnut ?
A : It is the same as peanut. Il also exists as peanut oil.

Q : My child is cured of his food allergies. May he have a relapse ?
A : It is rather a seldom case. Relapse may occur by the very young child developping a viral gastro-enterites.

Q : From what age onward is it possible to desensitize ?
A : The sublingual form allows desensilization to be undertaken as soon as a child is able to understand (about 6 – 7 years old).

Q : My child suffers from eczema and my physician has perscribed a cream containing corticosteroids. Is that cream dangerous ?
A : NO. Corticosteroids make up the treatment of inflammatory attacks of eczema.

Q : Both my husband and myself are atopic. What is the risk for our future child ?
A : Your child has more than 50% risk to be atopic. If there exists no atopy in previous family history, there is a risk of 15% to be born atopic.